41st Conference - 18th to 20th June 2019

  • Date: 18th to 20th June 2019
  • Venue :     Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale"    National Library of Naples "Vittorio Emanuele III"  
  • Organiser(s): Michele Bernardini and Antonella Muratgia
  • Program
  • Abstracts
  • Report

  • PAPERS :

    • United Arab Emirates National Archives: Prospects and Challenges and the Role of Zayed University in Filling the Gap
      Muneer Abu Baker

    • The Library of the Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft (DMG): Emergence, Growth and Future Challenges
      Volker Adam

    • Adding Arabic script to old records
      Tijmen Baarda

    • La recotation des collections de la Bibliothèque Orient - Monde arabe

    • Middle East manuscripts of the National Library of Naples: new models of fruition and interoperability using DSpace GLAM
      Claudio Cortese, Gennaro Alifuoco

    • Moftah Coptic Collections at The American University In Cairo
      Philip Croom

    • A short history of the IsIAO library and its Middle East and North Africa collections
      Lorenzo Declich

    • Buying Books in Teheran: Revolution street April 2019
      Andreas Drechsler

    • The new FIHRIST
      Yasmin Faghihi

    • The AlKindi catalog and RDA description of manuscripts
      René-Vincent du Grandlaunay

    • Des histoires en langues diverses, en caractères arabes, collectées par Jean-Louis Asselin de Cherville et conservées à la BnF
      Marie-Geneviève Guesdon, Khalid Chakor-Alami

    • MELA Survey on Digital Scholarship
      Evyn Kropf, Heather Hughes

    • The heritage collection of Qatar national library: the future of the past
      Maria Begoña Ibarra, Wassilena Sekulova

    • The Accidental Middle East Librarians
      Shahrzad Khosrowpour, Essraa Nawar

    • Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Librarianship at Oxford
      MariaLuisa Langella, Lydia Wright

    • Music at the library of the Orient‐Institut Istanbul
      Astrid Menz

    • Islamic Library’s Ibn Arabi – Hikma award (2019): new perspectives
      Luisa Mora Villarejo

    • Manus Online and the cataloguing of Arabic manuscripts
      Lucia Negrini

    • Manuscript acquisitions of the Oriental Department at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin since 2015
      Meliné Pehlivanian

    • The Oriental Library of Johann Albrecht Widmanstetter (1506-1557): Orientalist, Diplomat and Book Collector
      Helga Rebhan

    • The Zaydi Manuscript Tradition (ZMT) Project: Digitizing the Collections of Yemeni Manuscripts in Italian Libraries
      Valentina Sagaria-Rossi, Sabine Schmidtke

    • The Florence Shahnama conservation project
      Alessandro Sidoti, Mario Vitalone

    • Persian incunabula and early lithographs : Historical overview and holdings
      Mirja Wachter

    • Written and Printed Cultural Heritage Items and Their Digitization Works in Turkish Libraries
      Selçuk AYDIN, Cihan KALIN

    • Multilingual person names and Arabic script in authority files and research databases : the Mistara Project
      Olga Andriyanova, Asyeh Ghafourian, Benjamin Guichard

    • Changing Management Structures : the impact on subject specialists, and how to remain relevant
      Waseem Farooq

    • Advocating the role & worth of languages & cultures specialist librarians
      Dominique Akhoun-Schwarb

    • Collecting Arab 'Comics' at the British Library
      Daniel Lowe