This page aims at providing very brief information on vendors that provide library materials from the Middle East.  Those who wish to have further comments on experiences with them are invited to subscribe to the listserv where membership is by approval.  For this, please send a request message to stating your affiliation.

Vendors themselves or librarians working with them who wish to contribute to this page are welcome to write to the secretary of MELCom International with their suggestions.

You may click on the name of the vendor and access its website (if there is one) for more information or contact the electronic address provided.

Names of vendors will follow in alphabetical order of the company’s name as some of them cover more than one country and/or more than one language.

Based in Cambridge, Mass. (USA), Dar Mahjar is a bookseller  that specializes in providing items from North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya) either by way of blanket orders based on a profile defined in advance, or specific orders for publications. All languages of publication (Arabic, Berber, French, English) are provided.
Communication in English.

Contact information : Fawzi Abdulrazaq


East View offers resources in print and online from all countries in the region. Whether e-books in Arabic, print subscriptions from Egypt and Turkey, or scholarly online resources from Iran, our goal is to make the acquiring of resources from the Middle East effortless, while ensuring smooth access and support.

Contact information :


Sweden based, both walk in bookshop and vendor for all over the world, provides books, films, sound, digital and electronic material.

Contact information : Mehdi Rahimzade


With its offices in Berlin and London, they supply new and antiquarian publications, maps and atlases, e-resources for Middle-East and Islamic studies.

Contact information :


With an office in France, Iranfarhang provides books and periodicals in Persian language as well as other media.

Contact information :


A book and periodical provider from Turkey in all languages.  They take orders in English or in French.  You may ask for their quarterly selections.

Contact information :

Specialist of rare and out of print books on the Middle East and related areas.


Based in Cairo, Leila Books is a bookseller and subscription agent that accepts orders for publications in all languages from the Arab world.  Communication in English and French.

Contact information :


With its staff mastering both French and English, Libra Books provides both books and non book materials from Turkey and The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in all the languages published there.  They provide monthly selections.

Contact information :

Is a publisher of full-text searchable electronic databases of scholarly, professional and peer-reviewed documents from the Arab World.

Contact information : s


Provides all formats of library material available in Iran.

Contact information :


Editeur et libraire basé à Paris.  Publisher and bookshop providing books from Iran and on Iran to libraries everywhere.

Contact :


Out of print and all available material published in Israel in all the languages (Hebrew, English, Arabic, Russian…)

Contact information :


Books from Iran and from the Arab world.  Mohammad Sadjadi (based in Teheran) works in cooperation with his sister Lili Gruebel (based in Munich).  They provide books in Persian and Arabic, based on a profile defined in advance.

Contact information :




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