Revised constitution : adopted by the membership during the 29th conference June 2007 at Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

  1. Article 1: Name and aims
  2. Article 2: Activities
  3. Article 3: Membership
  4. Article 4: Organisation
  5. Article 5: Languages
  6. Article 6: Amendments to the Constitution
  7. Article 7: General provisions

Article 1. Name and aims

    • Melcom International, the European Association of Middle East Libraries, is an academic professional organisation, devoted to promoting co-operation among individuals and institutions in Europe, in particular, and all over the world in general; concerned with all aspects of Middle East librarianship, book collecting, the book trade and publishing.

It pursues its aims without any discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, sex, nationality or political philosophy.

Article 2. Activities.

The main activity of Melcom International is the holding of an annual conference. It may from time to time initiate other co-operative activities as may be decided.

Article 3. Membership

Membership is free and no annual subscription is required.
Membership is open to individuals and institutions that are interested in the aims of Melcom International and is at the discretion of the Board.

Article 4. Organisation

Melcom International consists of a Board and members of the Annual Conference.

a)- The Board shall consist of three elected members: President, Secretary and Treasurer. They should be based in different European countries and are elected by Conference for a term of three years, with the option to stand for re-election. ( member may stay one more year to give continuity).

The President represents Melcom International internally and externally and presides over the Conference. The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the membership list, for organising the Conference (in collaboration with the host institution). The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the accounts. The Board members are responsible for overseeing the running of the Melcom International website.

b)- New members of the Board are proposed by the Board or by the Conference and are elected by the Conference (or by e-mail if necessary at other times).

c)- The Conference invites all interested individuals to attend. All resolutions and decisions are passed by the Conference with a majority of the votes of those present.

Article 5. Languages

The official languages of Melcom International are French and English.

Article 6. Amendments to the Constitution

Amendments can be made at the Conference if passed by at least two thirds of those present and voting.

Article 7. General Provisions

The Board has the authority to decide all matters that are not foreseen in the Constitution, subject to ratification afterwards by the Conference.