38th Conference - 30th May to 1st June 2016

  • Date: 30th May to 1st June 2016
  • Venue :     Leiden University Library - Leiden  
  • Organiser(s): Birte Kristiansen, Arnoud Vrolijk
  • Program
  • Abstracts
  • Report

  • PAPERS :

    • Arabic collections online (ACO)
      Muneer Abou Baker

    • Turkish publishing sector in 2015
      Rifat Bali and Nedim Bali

    • Al-Furqan Digital Library Portal
      Karima Benaicha

    • Electronic resources in Algerian libraries: acquisition and usage
      A. Bouderbane and N. Gamouh

    • Early Arabic printed books from the British Library
      Julia de Mowbray

    • Salisbury's legacy: 175 years of Arabic collecting in the United States
      Roberta Dougherty

    • Issa Iskandar el Ma"luf (1869-1956) talks!
      Samar El Mikati and El Kaissi

    • Editorial trends in the Arabic speaking Middle East ountries
      George Fawzy

    • The Lewis Qur'anic manuscript
      Alba Fedeli and Yasnmin Faghihi

    • To print or not to print - Is that still the question ?
      Walid Ghali

    • Looking for Basset and Deny collections
      Benjamin Guichard

    • Les manuscrits en Tunisie - Identification et mise en valeur à l'ère du numérique
      Yousra Seghir et Khaled Habchi

    • Syrian refugees and their publications in Turkey
      David Hirsh

    • Witnessing the history: the old Arabic serials collection of the Heritage Collection, Qatar National Library
      Nuria Torres Santo Domingo and Maria Ibarra Ibaibarriaga

    • UNESCO-Sharjah award 2015 for the Islamic Library and early Arabic prints at the AECID Digital Library : a time to celebrate
      Luisa Mora Villarejo

    • Portail numérique Bibliothèques du Levant : identification et signalement du corpus
      Faten Naeem et Marianne Refaat

    • Ottoman manuscripts in Croatia
      Cihan Okuyucu and Nurettin Ceviz

    • The retro-conversion of Oriental catalogues at SBB and the 'Old Systematic Catalogue Online'
      Christoph Rauch

    • Why did printing arrived "late" in the Middle East? A summary of the arguments
      Geoffrey Roper

    • Enluminure des manuscrits coraniques de la bibliothèque de l'Université Islamique Emir Abdelkader Constantine - Algérie
      Bouanaka Souad et Soudous Roumeissa

    • Is there a role for Middle Eastern Library Collection in university internationalisation ?
      Mamtimyn Sunuodula

    • Nashriyah: digital Iranian history
      Paul Tate

    • Arabic newspapers of Ottoman and mandatory Palestine
      Raquel Ukeles, PhD

    • An exhibition about Kalila wa Dimna at the Institut du Monde Arabe
      Annie Vernay-Nouri

    • The virtual library MENALIB and its Middle East related open access repository MENAdoc
      Adam Volker

    • Lost in transcription with Antoine Galland
      Sara Yontan

  • PHOTOS :

    • Group photo in Leiden